Holistic Life Coaching

What is a Holistic Life Coach (HLC)?

A HLC specializes in viewing every aspect of a person’s life in relation to the whole.  The HLC  will assist clients to thrive in their mind, body, and soul. HLC is a “personal trainer for your soul,” just as one may hire a personal trainer to get their body fit.

What will a Holistic Life Coach do for me?

A HLC will help you clarify exactly what your goals are, determine what steps are needed to achieve those goals, and assists with setting a plan so that you may accomplish your goals. A HLC helps you hold yourself accountable as you progress and identifies disturbances that may interfere with your success.  Together, we will discover ways to remove those disturbances and proceed with your stated goals.

Is Life Coaching the same as Therapy?

No.  The difference between coaching and therapy/counseling is that a HLC doesn’t claim to have all the answers.   As a HLC job is not to revisit past experiences on a regular basis nor force-feed information.  A HLC assists the client with living in the moment, having conscious control, and learning how to design their lives in a more joyful and purposeful way.

What to Expect from a Life Coaching Session?

At your first meeting, Harretta will help you define your goals.  As your coach, Harretta will provide specific tools that will encourage you and give observations/feedback about disturbances that may appear.  It is always best to work on one goal at a time.  You may accomplish one stated goal and feel finished, or you may then decide to define a new goal and work on that. It’s completely up to you!

 How many Life Coaching Sessions are needed?

Harretta works with clients on a weekly basis for 30-45 minutes for 4-6 weeks to accomplish a goal.  The sessions may be completed in-person, via telephone, or via Skype.

**Free 30 minute initial consultation**

 Holistic Life Coaching is motivational, inspiring, positive, exciting, and action driven. Life coaching helps you look at where you are now, where you’d like to be, and helps you bridge the gap.  I will help clients discover possibilities beyond their wildest dreams.