I know what you’re thinking…  I can’t meditate; I have too much going on in my head.  Or…I don’t have the time to meditate because of Excuse 1, Excuse 2, oh and Excuse 3.  Well guess what? I too once believed I was unable to do it.  I used sit in closets, darken rooms, and even play nostalgic music.  Now of these things assisted in my quest of meditating, because I would think… “This isn’t going to work.”  Our minds dictate our actions.  Therefore I had to encourage myself that I would succeed in learning the art of mediation.

I first began by setting a timer for 3 minutes.  My goal was to not think about my “To Do List.”  180 seconds later I was frustrated because I was so busy thinking… “When will timer ring?”  Aarrggghhhh…  But after several attempts I was finally able to stop listening to the chatter in my head.  I went from mediating 3 minutes to 5 minutes to 10  minutes…and now I’m beyond.

Meditation has changed my life!  You MUST make time to quiet your mind and meditate.  I mediate every morning because it starts my day on a positive note.  While meditating I pray and say affirmations.  I am on a constant journey to improve my life and ones around me.  I challenge you to try to mediate for 180 seconds.  And once you get into a rhythm of doing so and see a change in your life (because I believe you will succeed) send me an e-mail discussing your journey.



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