“I had my first Reiki treatment while under emotional and physical distress. As we all can attest to, several different things were going on in my life – all at once. The Reiki experience helped me to clear my head, calm my body and focus on removing those elements in my life that were causing me stress. My body felt like a weight was lifted and there was a airy calm within my spirit. Reiki therapy is something that I feel is necessary to incorporate into my lifestyle. It helps you find calm in the midst of the storm by centering yourself and focusing on your spirit, true self/inner you.”

“During my Reiki session, Such Peace and Tranquility. Like floating in a cloud and peace that passes all understanding. After my session I only wanted to rest and take a nap.  Free from all concerns.”

“My mind, body, and soul went on a spiritual oasis. I can’t wait till my next session on my journey to relaxation, healing, and peace.
My three spirits left my body with a lot of weight and came back lighter than before.”

“Yesterday I had a Chakra Balancing Session. It was amazing. This was my first experience with Chakra Balancing. Previously I’ve had several Reiki treatments which were very relaxing. So much so that, I would always want to meditate and/or sleep after the session. This time I chose to have a Chakra Balancing Session. WOW, what an experience. After my session I felt as if I was walking on clouds. This euphoria lasted for several hours after the session. Then today while I was going through my daily routine I realized, I really felt GREAT! So much so that my appetite was drastically reduced and my energy level was extremely elevated.”

“Thank you Harretta @ Peace Within 111! My session was absolutely awesome. If you are looking to address the “root” of an issue – be it pain, stress, emotional distress – I highly recommend her services. Harretta took the time to answer all my questions (I had quite a few as a holistic medicine novice). She explained what she was doing and why, described the purpose of her instruments and how they worked, all while making me feel very comfortable and at ease. Post session you will receive a detail recap including suggestions on how to maintain improved energy flow – I particularly love this! Caring and professional office atmosphere – I definitely will be making my next appointment in the very near future.”

“This past Saturday I was blessed with the opportunity to visit the owner of Peace Within 111. In my visit I chose the Chakra balancing. If you know me you know how much I believe in being a protector of your energy and space. Well that also includes protecting you from yourself. My energy has been… challenging. I knew there was some balancing needed and Harretta delivered some powerful insight… some I was aware of just didn’t realize the intensity, others I was enlightened. What I enjoyed most was the peace I felt when leaving and the homework to follow up on the pieces of me I’m where I’m closed off. We’re always a work in progress. God is doing some work on me.. anything I can do to surrender to that growth I’m all for it. Give her a try you won’t be disappointed.”

“Thank you for another amazing session. I feel more relaxed, centered, and peaceful! Anyone who is experiencing the stress of daily life or the upcoming holidays, should really consider having a session! Thanks, Harretta – You are a gifted young lady!”